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Science Poems

Secretly gay poems and miscellaneous writings


Tyranicalsaurus Hex

Reptile of things mechanical

with a bear-trap mandible

and a killjoy kaleidoscope

Bad trip tunnel vision capable
Mischievously unfathomable
Tyranicalsaurus Hex
The princess lost in tesseract time
draining your mind
A portal opens wide
Light gleams on icy brimstone land
A vertigo maze drops where you stand
Now you're confused within your own plan
this fucks with your brain and heart
You can't tell if its you or everything else falling apart
Diabolical impossible lost level
Anachronistic cataclysmic kamikaze devil

Takes 3 lives to figure out this is impossible!!

Karate Kid vs Mortal Kombat

Daniel son, world champion you won!

But your training has just begun.

A new challenge arises

A fate of the world crisis

Like broken weather opens portals from the nether

Coming through are fighters of other stellar

A semi-god evolves from the pits of a secular desert

He seeks to harvest our gravesfor the ghosts he'll make slaves

With 100 million, Shao Kahn will have the power to create eternal dominion

The elder gods cannot interrupt but they can host a tournament in which he can be stopped

Daniel son this is no street fight

Your training for Mortal Kombat begins tonight!!

Lost signals

have you lost your mind

replaced it with mine

shit yourself and laid down to die

bullets in my head magnetized now i'm a fucking cyborg

google MRI map now rerouting

identity collapse

revenge synapse

the meaning of life is now ultra violent death

extinction behest

cruel world with a crueller end

deformed apocalypse god-send

haux 2nd coming mass hypnosis

bad trip osmosis

holocaust reenactment by day

serial murder by night

like santa claustrophobic

burn down every tree in sight


Reading Rainbow (the native american)

Just walk away walk away. When life challenges you, just walk away walk away. When you have nowhere to go, just walk away walk away. When someone calls you all the names, when you come to a crosswalk stop light,
When you need help when you lost sense of self...

Just walk away, just walk away.

Spiritual relapse

Time and space won't relax

Sever and connect synaptic gaps

Don't become your flashbacks

Hack the Planet

How to mathematically time crunch the world's resources
divided by all evil foces
while the starving pray in chorus

dynamic error shift, denumerate counter farms syncro clicks
then disconfigure the time-share debt monolith
i'll be your savior christ alrighty then lead you stray
decoy cult within a cult inversion diversion

when the stop watches on the hypno clock the mass will riot toward my cell block
turn myself inside out shaking what this is about and into custody of the secret illuminated cloud
infiltrate with an info front
left my finger prints on historic mueseum guns
told the counsil of 13 i switched out the weights prototype and lef the broken peices on wallstreet
your grand pyramid sceme is unraveling
its not too late to undo what youve done
tell us where you hid the magnetorus fulcrum
i will in exchange for a seat at the 13th podium

cut the middle men out by the throat
and carve their small print into their grave stone
death threat ghost writer
brain rewired like a particle collider
ready to spontaneously columbine

secret hotline # is jackie 000oh
hacked the white house with a walkie talkie and reverse megaphone

mass hypnosis conversion
got the IFB chasing ghost writer conspiracies
instructions written on popstickle sticks
and fortune cookies
world one, aleph-zero
i'm the null point on the human traffic radar
i'm in night sky like thunder negro
i'm hidden in hind sight
no time for fight or flight

Miscellaneous Meanderings

You're a walking contradiction on a walk of shame marathon, through a desert quest, lest we forget, crushed by your treasure, only disintegrating will let you upheave, like jesus standing on quick sand, what would jesus do if he were you? the saviour has abandoned ship, please remain calm, re-gain your inner dialogue. this level is never complete, please reattach your pilot seat. auto-erotically asphyxiating from trying to stage dive from an airplane, choked by parachute, but life doesn't reboot.

If i could go back in time, i'd probably go back 3 or 4 times, cause thats how many times it would take to fix this mess ive made.
Spiritual relapse, time and space wont relax, sever connect synaptic gaps, dont become your flashbacks.

Something Unfinished

You'll never make it out alive, you'll never escape this hell scape, its like you never died.
Judgement day at zero below gravity, mentally challenged challenging sanity


The tunnels of time intertwined in my mind stop on a dime and rewind to the hidden frequency of chimes that tell of a future that unravels slower than it hides

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