Nunchuck Racquetball

Try this stuff at home at your own risk.


The simulations above were generated by the SNES64 Emulator, which itself was generated by the Entertainment-Calculator.

It is a simulation within a simulation, but the inspiration you got from it was real, go outside and get hurt, don't spend your entire life being a "gamer".


The goal of Hobo Dragen (aka "Player Zero") is to become the most evolved human being possible in every aspect of mind and body.

Hobo Dragen is ambidextrous with both  hands and feet.

He can skateboard switch stance at full speed, hit racquetballs with nunchucks using either hand, play billiards equally skilled with either hand, throw darts and ninja stars with high accuracy using either hand, write and draw with both hands, drop kick a soccer ball long distance with precision using either foot, and play Mrs. Pacman steering joystick with either hand, and eat with chop sticks using either hand.

You can too if you turn off your screen and go outside.

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