10/1/2021 - i forgot to update this page for the past 6 weeks, there's been a ton of changes, new stuff. re-designed most all the pages, new open mic comedy page, new radio page, new podcast page. new voting thing on every page. been adding voice readers to most of the stuff that requires reading.two new games, billiards and pages "perplexing questions" and "blurts", fun stuff. Also merged "Dank calls" and "Answering machine" into one page called "Phone Phreaking". hack the planet!!

8/15/2021 - Added a chat room thing that appears on almost every page.

8/1/2021 - New Contest page!! There will be a new contest every month, beat a high score and get a prize!!

7/25/2021 - New Leaderboard system for Qu-tros, players only need to enter a name once and the game will remember your name without you needing to sign up or anything. This will now be used in all games in this site.

7/12/2021 - Entertainment-Calculator is now multi-lingual!!

6/2/2021 - New game UFO, its basically like a board game version of that old memory game "Simon".

5/28/2021 - New page The Magic Infinity Cube.

5/24/2021- Added new game Sudoku Online, race your friends.

5/18/2021- Started a new comic series Conjoined Cousins

5/16/2021 - Added a new page called 8-bit Radio, its basically all your favorite radio hits converted to chiptune, its a doozie!!

5/14/2021 - First log entry, this website is probably about a year old at this point. Redesigned the home page again, took like 5 hours, what am I doing with my life? Ton of new stuff in the Audio section.