Robot's First Step
World Cup Invaded
Motor Madness
Exiting Outerspace
When Space Repeats
Interface 2 Interface
Quadruple Dare
the metaphysical challenge.png
The Metaphysical Challenge


Album #2 is in the works, it's called
"The Hexportal Planet"
It will have guitars, synths, drums and maybe vocals.

Planetary Merge

Fight Water With Fire

Tyrannosaurus Hex

Sewer Stage

Track list:

1. Portal Merge

2. Runner

3. Sewer Stage

4. Chaotic Chaos

5. Fight Water With Fire

6. (no title yet)

7. Crescendo Ninja

8. Tyrannosaurus Hex

9. Emo Mario

10. Level 10

First attempt playing left handed

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More shreds coming soon...