Solving Maynard's Puzzle

This is only interesting if you're into the band Tool, A Perfect Circle and/or Puscifer.


The slide shows below are from my video series "Solving Maynard's Puzzle". 98% of everything in the videos are in these slide shows, there was only 1 or 2 videos that i used clips from interviews of Maynard, so if you really want to see those the video series is way at the bottom of this page.

Alot of people complained about having to pause the videos to read, as though me spending hundreds of hours over the course of 14 years cracking this puzzle and then explaining it to you wasn't good enough, so this is the next best thing I can do for now.

My theories are continuously evolving, so some of these theories might be a bit out dated, but I'd say at least 95% of it still remains "true". Eventually I will update my theories, maybe in another "series" or blog or something, I don't know yet. I think one day once Maynard's story has officially ended, I will turn all of this into one gigantic comprehensible video with narration. I'm only 34 so I'm pretty sure I will out live Maynard in order to do so.

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The original videos of this series if you prefer them instead of the slide show.

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