Want to make surround sound music?

Are you a musician and want your music featured in The Friend Zone? Send your tracks to

I'm not going to download your tracks off spotify, you must email them to me.

Your music will be added to The Friend Zone within 24 hours.

Instructions are simple:

If your song is in stereo just send it like it is.

If your song is in quadraphonic,  send all 4 tracks as separate mono tracks.

Label each track which position it is  (front left speaker, front right speaker, rear left speaker, rear right speaker).

Try to make songs designed uniquely for surround sound, it will be lame if the song is just a stereo song split into 4 channels.

Songs must be original, or at least original remixes, any copyright infringing content will be rejected.

Your song will have a donation button to your paypal and  a link to your website/youtube/etc.

If you want to contribute multiple songs or a full album, a single song will be presented on the main page, with a link to another page dedicated to all your songs, so tell me in the email which song you want to be your "single".