This phone version requires a wireless controller. Disable screen rotation in your phone's settings. Once you have all that ready, click ok below, center the screen and enjoy. If the buttons don't work properly you might need to download a 3rd party "controller remap" app on your phone.

2D Mode High Scores
1D Mode High Scores
÷0 (Black-hole) Mode High Scores

Qu-tros is a BetaMaximus-128

exclusive game, it only exists

right here on

If your wireless controller doesn't work you might need to update your web browser. Chrome probably works best.

See button layout and instructions below.

Listen while you play

Qu-tros Challenges:

Qu-tros is way more fun on PC with a controller.


Classic Mode you clear lines like Tettris.

2 Dimensions Mode you clear squares like 6x6 or 7x7 or 8x8 etc.

Black-hole Mode same as 2 Dimensions.

Easy difficulty = points x 1

Normal difficulty = points x 2

Hard difficulty =  points x 3

Insane difficulty =  points x 4


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